Augmented Reality : The Code

The Actionscript Code to the Augmented Reality 101 Sample File for knowing how the FLARToolkit outputs. I added comments and seperated the code wherever i could.

Augmented Reality 101

Augmented Reality Test, History, Info and the amazing FLARToolkit.

Anti-aliasing Filters & Sampling

All CGI images are made of fundamental building blocks called pixels. a pixel is the smallest breakdown of an image, and can only be made of one one color. When an image is rendered, the renderer needs to assign a single color to each pixel of the overall image depending on what object that pixel represents. This standard process brings up some problem as to what we call aliasing. where thin lines or diagonal lines are present in an image. To overcome this entire thing, we use a process called Anti-Aliasing. Here each pixel is multi-sampled i.e each pixel is broken down into multiples smaller parts which equals to more color information and then all the samples are averaged out using a Anti-alias filter, so as to obtain the final one color per pixel value.

Terrain through GeoControl 2

I recently discovered this not so new software called geoControl which has just come out with version 2.. and has added a bunch of new features. I haven’t seen everything in the software yet. especially the new isolines features, but for the general aspect of terrain generation was quite strong, Below is an examples that […]

Playing in The Mud (Mudbox 2009)

I finally managed to get my hands on a trial version of Mudbox today morning, and decided to do some stuff so that i could see whats new, or whether it was worth the hype. Well for the first thing, it doesn’t look very different from the last version other than the name Autodesk and […]

Realtime Shading with HLSL

Introduction For those who don’t know what HLSL (High Level Shader Language) is its a proprietary shading language made by Microsoft for use with Direct3D API. Autodesk FBX (FilmBox) format is currently the standard format for game assets, including most games now developed for the XBOX 360. Note : Since i originally come from using 3d […]