Rendering Wireframe Using MentalRay ContourShader

Introduction : Well, after previously making the Rendering Wireframe Using ToonShader, this is a tutorial to Rendering Wireframe Using MentalRay ContourShader, the advantage to using this method over the cheaper toonshader technique is that this method give you a more smoother and better anti-aliased wireframe 🙂 Steps : Step 0. Before starting, make sure the MentalRay plugin is […]

Making Blendshapes (Part1 – Beginner)

This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial on blendshapes.

Combine Toon Wireframe And Ambient Occlussion

People have continously kept asking me how Ive got the effect of rendering a wireframe over the ambient occlusion. and this is what this tutorial is all about.

Rendering Wireframe Using ToonShader

Well, everyone knows the old method of rendering wireframes in maya through vector rendering, and rendering creased line, one set back to that was that it would tend to render each quad divided into 2 tris.. Well my major problem was with maya 2008 64bit doesnt suport vector rendering plugins. 🙂 so i thought id try something new.. i mean there has to be another sollution out there.. hunted the net for sometime.. and came across this Highend Wireframe Tutorial, but in the modelling stage the model would not have UVs so this is not an efficient enough method, so after fidling around with the toon shader i gots it 🙂