Scripts : crWireframeRenderSpeedy

A useful little script for assigning a ToonShader or ContourShader based wire-frame to selected objects in the scene.

This Scripts is Based of my two tutorials,
Rendering Wireframe Using Toon Shader
Rendering Wireframe Using MentalRay ContourShader 

Current Version 2.0


Features :

  • A one click solution to wire-frame rendering.
  • Can tweak wire-frame color and thickness.
  • Holds better management of different wire-frame looks.
  • A Single Script for both techinques ( ToonShader and ContourShader).

Usage :

1. Just Source this script, it should open the crToonWireframeRender Window.
2. Select the Objects you want to add a wireframe to.
3. Select the Mode (Countour Shader/Toon Shader). Click Refresh.
4. Click Assign new wireframe Shader.
5. New Options will be available to tweak like color and thickness.
6. Click on Assign To Selected if you require to add more objects.
7. Enjoy 🙂

ChangeLog :

Apr 07 2012 Ver 2.0 Added Switch Between Both Techinques.
Fixed Bug where script freaked on Maya 2011 🙂
Added New Options to Tweak Wireframe Color and Thickness.

Download Link(s)

download Download: crWireframeRenderSpeedy.mel
Hits: 1,681
Version: 2.0
Updated: April 15, 2012
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