Scripts : crWireframeRenderSpeedy

A useful little script for assigning a ToonShader or ContourShader based wire-frame to selected objects in the scene. This Scripts is Based of my two tutorials, Rendering Wireframe Using Toon Shader Rendering Wireframe Using MentalRay ContourShader  Current Version 2.0 Features : A one click solution to wire-frame rendering. Can tweak wire-frame color and thickness. Holds […]

Scripts : crCrashRecover

This useful little script basically allows you to open a crash/saved file from within maya. Instead of going to the temp directory and gettin the file. This script facilitates the process. Current Version 1.0 Features : Simplifies process of recovering maya crash files from local temp folder. Shows last modified date and maya version of the file […]

Scripts : crScriptsMenu

A useful little script that builds a Menu from any folder containing various scripts.

Making Blendshapes (Part1 – Beginner)

This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial on blendshapes.

Scripts : crBatchTransferAttr

A useful little script for using Transfer Attributes on multiple meshes.

Scripts : crLeavesShader

A useful little script for making a more Realistic Leaves Shader.

Scripts : crGammaCorrect

A useful little script for using GammaCorrection on File Nodes.

Combine Toon Wireframe And Ambient Occlussion

People have continously kept asking me how Ive got the effect of rendering a wireframe over the ambient occlusion. and this is what this tutorial is all about.

Scripts : crMAPswitcher

A useful little script for easily converting and replacing your textures to .map files. Current Version 1.0 Just Source this script, it should open the crMAPswitcher Window. Can Convert any textures formats to a .map format. based either on selection or all the textures in scene. Automatically converts to .map file in background. Can switch […]

Scripts : crBSEAssist

A useful little script for showing the index of blendshapes.